Change process status when resuming the app

Is there a way to change the status of a product build back to “in-process” after the operator resumes the app? Our current setup has the status changing to “paused” when the operator pauses the app, and I don’t see a way to update the status after that. Once the app is complete, the status is updated, but I’m looking for a status change between resuming and completion.

How and where do you save your status?

When the app begins, the table record associate with the current build stores “In-Process” in the status column. When the app is paused, the status in the record is updated to “Paused,” using a trigger on the pause button. Then, when the app is completed, the status is updated to “Complete.”

@zeiglera, how are you registering that the app is paused? The answer will likely be adding a trigger statement that updates your table when the change is registered.

Simply by adding a trigger to the pre-made Pause button (from the “Buttons” widgets menu) that updates the status upon pressing.

@zeiglera, ah, okay so just to confirm, when you say that a user is pausing the app, you’re referring to the user pressing a “Pause” button that someone built inside of the app editor, not the pre-provided “pause app option” in the player, correct? I’ve provided screenshots of the two options below.
Option 1, In-App Pause Button

Option 2, Pause Using the Player

If that’s the cause, I would add a condition statement to your trigger:

  • Then → DATA MANIPULATION → STORE → static value: IN PROGRESS → to STATUS

You can write an if/else statement that accounts for the reverse scenario as well.

Correct, the first option. Just to make sure, I should build that logic into the same button that pauses the app?

Just to make sure, I should build that logic into the same button that pauses the app?

I think whether you use 1 or 2 buttons for pause unpause depends on what’s going to be easiest for your end users. Sometimes it helps to have clearly labeled, single purpose buttons so that operators know exactly what every app element does. Other users prefer the streamlined look to having a single button for both actions.

@Katie_Stakland @kimberly, are either of these options considered design best practices?

No not in the Button that Pauses the app.

How would they “unpause” the app? You could make this check into “on step enter” on Base Layout. That would change the status as soon, as they change the step, but not immediately after unpausing…

I actually cant make a Button that Pauses the App and I also cant find a Trigger function to achieve this?!

This is how I have the button set up. I ended up creating a trigger on the base layout step enter, like you said. It checks if the status is equal to paused, and updates it to in-process. It may not be perfect but it’s good enough for the purpose it serves.

I see, thanks @zeiglera for sharing this trigger. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single mechanism for unpausing the app in the player and triggering additional actions. I’ve floated this to our product team to see if this is something that we can look at addressing in the future.

Fortunately, though, there’s a simple fix. I’ve recorded a quick video of how i’d approach this here: