Live status of apps: display status/ pause that is visible in station overview on dashboard


I am a new Tulip user and I have a feature request. I would like to display the current status of apps running at each station so that I can easily see if Makers are running an app or not. Makers are eligible for bonuses based on meeting or exceeding goal times and this provides incentive for pausing a timer to improve results.

I would also like to hear from the community to see if there are others who have this need and have found ways to capture and present this data.


hello @velogirlrides, thanks for posting - this is a great suggestion!! the Product team will be evaluating this suggestion and providing an answer here.

in the meantime, one solution would be to create a Table with a Record for each Station and update the status from the App. you could add App Started and App Completed Triggers to update the records (Status, # of Hours Running, Color, User, etc.). once you have the data in the Table (something like this):

you can generate a Table Analysis to display the data in a Dashboard:

furthermore, you could also create an App with a top-down view of the facility with the status of each Station.

is this helpful in helping you achieve what you’re trying to build??

also - this is a great use case to build together in Office Hours!! would you like to join (every Thursday at 11AM EST) so we can build this??

let me know!!

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