Live status of apps: display status/ pause that is visible in station overview on dashboard


I am a new Tulip user and I have a feature request. I would like to display the current status of apps running at each station so that I can easily see if Makers are running an app or not. Makers are eligible for bonuses based on meeting or exceeding goal times and this provides incentive for pausing a timer to improve results.

I would also like to hear from the community to see if there are others who have this need and have found ways to capture and present this data.


hello @velogirlrides, thanks for posting - this is a great suggestion!! the Product team will be evaluating this suggestion and providing an answer here.

in the meantime, one solution would be to create a Table with a Record for each Station and update the status from the App. you could add App Started and App Completed Triggers to update the records (Status, # of Hours Running, Color, User, etc.). once you have the data in the Table (something like this):

you can generate a Table Analysis to display the data in a Dashboard:

furthermore, you could also create an App with a top-down view of the facility with the status of each Station.

is this helpful in helping you achieve what you’re trying to build??

also - this is a great use case to build together in Office Hours!! would you like to join (every Thursday at 11AM EST) so we can build this??

let me know!!

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I want to make a application that monitoring status of each device.
For example whether or not it is online today and its online time.
Do this introduced application in this topic have such a function?
If it has functions that I hope, please tell me how to make it.
Best regards.

hello @Akito, thanks for following up on this topic!!

so what you’re describing wasn’t in the original solution, but I’ve built an App that will hopefully get you underway. there are a couple of App level Triggers, and one on a Timer on the Master Layout that you’ll need to build. here’s a quick demo!!

  1. [App Started] Create or Load the Table Record by the Station Name, and store relevant data:
  2. [App Started, after the 1st one] check if the Station has been running today, and clear the timer if it’s a new day:
  3. [Timer Trigger, on Master Layout] add a Timer Trigger to Increment the Interval the App has bene Running:
  4. [App Completed] Change the Status and store Current Date and Time

this will be the resulting Table that will be automatically updated in the background whenever an app with these Triggers is used:

let us know if you’re able to build this or have further questions!!