Device Uptime feature to count active devices

Hi, I’ve been using your Device Uptime feature in Settings to estimate how many devices we’re using concurrently. Because our devices are used for intermittent intervals as needed throughout the day (rather than staying on continuously), it’s a challenge to manually count how many are active at any given time. Since you clearly log the activity data per device already, I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to show us how a count of the number of active devices at a time (e.g. how many in use at 9am, 10am, 11am) and then graph this over time so we can see our minimum and maximum number of devices used concurrently. Is there a way to do this easily with Analytics/Dashboards, or else is this a feature that you’d consider adding to supplement the Device Uptime view?


hello @Dylan, thanks for posting!!

I’ll let the product team provide insight on whether this is something we’d consider adding natively or not.

you could indeed do it with Tables quite easily, and is a really good use case. here’s a quick demo:

is this what you had in mind?? let us know your thoughts!!

Thanks Gio, that’s an interesting approach. It seems that it would require updates within each of the apps that we want to track(?) Unfortunately since we have 175 apps in our library, that seems like it would take a lot more time than I can manage. It also seems that this would log the number of concurrent apps running, but not stations in use as reflected in the Device Uptime feature (which I believe logs them as active even if you’re on the splash screen or the main menu). So I don’t think I’ll be able to pursue your approach, but I still think it would be a great feature to add as a default to the Device Uptime viewer - thanks for considering.


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Hey Dylan, this would definitely help a lot of Tulip users. Is it good enough if it is just a live count that is displayed on the stations page? Or do you also want to run analytics on this over time?

Hi Kevin,
For our own company’s purposes, we would really need a way to look back and
see the device usage count over time - or at least a way to record the
maximum stations used concurrently in, say, a given week. A live count
with no history wouldn’t help us much since nobody regularly monitors the
Tulip system throughout the day.

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Understood. We need to redo that Stations page in general, and I think this would be a good thing to include there when we do that. It is not a small project, unfortunately.

I will update this thread when we begin work on this!

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Adding @mhostage to this request, per our discussion today.

We still feel that this is an important feature to develop. For users like Mainspring who have a nonlinear manufacturing flow and don’t neatly fit within the traditional “station” model, it’s necessary to have a count of how many devices are active concurrently, graphed over time. This is in line with a “floating license” model used by many software vendors, in which the critical question is: what’s the maximum number of devices active at once, over a given time interval? We are still tallying these numbers manually using the Device Uptime feature in order to understand our usage and license needs, but it would save us significant effort to have it plotted automatically.
Thanks for looking into it!

(FYI @janani.rajendran)