Like to determine which lines are active for the day for dashboard

I have an app making entries into a table which includes the production line name and its specific metrics that its outputting. This is a manual entry app until we put all inspections into tulip.

I would like to know how many lines are active on a given day. How do I compute this? is there like the power bi function Count(distinct) in Tulip. I trying to display this on a dashboard.

Hi @daman.sahota, great question.

The short answer is that this is definitely possible to do, but how you do it depends a lot on how your data is structured. Here’s how I’ve done this in the past.

If I want to see have many of a given entity are active at a time, I create an analytic starting with the COUNT WHERE TRUE Function. Here I used the STATUS field from my table, and used IN PROGRESS as the status I want to look at.

The next step is to specify the time range. I used the built in Date Range tool for this. Here, I can select the range that makes the most sense for me, including Today, Yesterday, or longer periods.

There are certainly ways that this can get more complicated, and hopefully this is enough to get you started!