Dashboard Course: "Event App Suite"

Hello, I am performing the “Tulip for Dashboard Builders” course. As a part of the course I am meant to download the “Event App Suite” from the Tulip library. I am unable to locate this app suite. Is it still available?

Hi @kkl, thanks for bringing this to our attention! It looks like that app suite is no longer available on the library. Not communicating this better is on us.

Luckily there’s a pretty quick work around. You can build an application that has all of the same data by following the steps in this tutorial.


  1. Make sure that the fields you create match the fields in the deprecated quality app (PRODUCT, LOCATION, REASON 1, REASON 2, QUANTITY, SERIAL NUMBER, COMMENTS)

  2. Use the Apps → Save All App Data action on your submit button instead of writing to a table.

Thanks @John ! I was able to make my own Quality Event form. Appreciate the reply.

Two more questions for you regarding the “Tulip for Dashboard Builders” course.

  1. I don’t see a video that explains how you made the analyses on the 2nd step (Performance by Operator: Performance by Hour, Performance by Date). Did I miss it or is it missing?

  2. How did you do the % Miss calculation that shows up on the Performance Overview step?

Sorry for all of the questions! Thanks very much to you and your team for the videos - they are great! Learning a lot.


Hi @kkl good questions, glad you’re learning something!

For building the analyses, start with this lesson, and continue through the next 4-5 lessons until you get to “Build table analyses to view planned vs. actual production by station and operator.” That should cover most of what you see in the dashboard.

For % miss calculation, i created a single number analysis (see below). The goal of this analytic is to give me a high level overview of how often a team or cell misses their target. To do this, I used the count expression with a LESS THAN operator to count all of the rows in the table (each row roughly corresponds to work orders, or the information that would get collected on a traveler) to count all of the rows where the number of parts produced was less the number of parts planned. Then, I used the COUNTOFCOMPLETIONS() function to get a count of all the rows in table. The calculation itself is simple (number of misses/number of chances), and there’s just a little finagling with the expression editor to get the values I care about. The rest of the expression is just rounding, and adding a the percentage character to make it a little more readable.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 1.20.42 PM

Let me know if this helps!

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Hi @John , thanks very much for the reply and explanation. It does help! I will take a shot at adding those last few pieces to my example app. Thanks again for the thorough explanation!!