Is there going to be an Analytics course?

With the addition of Tables into analytics and the new style for Machine monitoring when do you see courses being added to Tulip U?

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Hey Chris! That’s a great question.

I am definitely planning on making a course on machine monitoring in general, so that is one thing.

As for a general analytics course, I have really struggled to think about how to cover it in one reasonably sized course.

There are so many use cases for the Analytics Builder, and there don’t seem to be many that are more common than others. So it’s tough to fit it into one course.

Do you have any ideas on specific use cases for analytics that you have seen over and over again?That would help me brainstorm.

A general overview of OEE for Machine monitoring Availability%(iuptime/downtime) Performance (parts per hour ) and Quality would be a great plave to start for MM
Foe app analytics how about a session where you rebuild the initial dashboard that is sent out using the apps people created in the Tulip U courses?