Changing Logged-In User on Tablet

Hello everyone, I have a unique manufacturing environment where operators are being moved around between stations and assembly processes.

Some of the stations are more standard work benches, with a desktop where I can set up an RFID badge reader. I use our internal badges as the badge ID field and have operators tap to log in to an assembly operation. This works well for us and has had some good adoption.

However, in other operations, a dedicated work station doesnt make as much sense so the operator has a tablet to view work instructions and log issues.

The challenge here having the correct “Logged-In User” on the tablet. Our badge IDs are 20+ characters which is not realistic to type in.

I am curious how others have solved this problem.

For tablets we are using iPads, I have been looking into cases or peripherals that could act as badge readers.

I am also exploring the idea of having a “test” login and then having people scan a QR code to switch logged in user, but am a bit stuck with switching the users part.

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @eddie.carrillo -

This is a tricky one. The easy way to handle this would be with something like a iPad barcode scanner case (like this one). Operators could have a barcode of their badge id on their IDs, or cart, or whatever makes sense for your process. They can scan that barcode and it will fill in their entire badge ID. Effectively the same could be done with an iPad RFID reader, I’m just not sure how easy that will be to find.

and now on the the crazier idea-
If the flow is:

  1. User 1 does work
  2. User 2 gets device
  3. User 2 logs out user 1
  4. User 2 logs in.

If this is the case. You could build an app step where either users can use the iPad camera as an optical barcode scanner, or pick their name from a dropdown, and a “Copy to Clipboard” action is fired in a trigger to copy the User 2 password to the clipboard.

  1. User 1 does work
  2. User 2 gets the device
  3. User 2 goes to the logout step, picks their name, clicks logout
  4. Trigger on logout button copies User 2 badge Id to clipboard then “Logs out logged in user”
  5. User 2 pastes their badge id from the clipboard into the login field.

Thoughts on these ideas?