Multiple Users on a Single Device

I assigned a Station to a tablet, and signed in with one Operator’s login.
Now it seems that this Operator is the only one that can use this Station on this tablet.

Is there a way to have Operators quickly login/logout with their Badge ID to use the same device?

This would be for the same department of technicians using the same App, but this could be across shifts, and the lead technician has more rights within the App.

hello @MJE0204, thanks for posting!!

there are three ways you can log users out, to then allow others to Log In:

  1. navigate to the Player Menu, click the User’s name, and click Sign Oout:
  2. add a Button with an Action to Logout the Current User:
  3. navigate to https://{{instance_name}} and enable Auto Sign Out after X Minutes (note that you need to be an Account Owner to access this setting):

would one of theses solutions work for you?? let me know!!

Hello Gio, the second method may be best. Thank you for your help.

OK, no problem @MJE0204 - great to hear that’ll work for you!!

let us know if you have any other questions