Running the same App in a collaborative execution

Any plans to implement a feature that allows the execution of
an App by multiple users. Something like one can acquire an app that automatically sign-outs the current user and vice-versa.

hello @DariusM, thanks for posting!! could you share a little more information on what you’re trying to achieve??

there currently exists a Trigger to Logout the Logged-In User and you can then Log-In with a new User (without Cancelling or Completing the app, but allowing the new User to Continue its execution):

have you attempted using this in your workflow?? let us know!!

Thanks for your quick reply, @gio!

I did not try it, but I had the impression that it is not possible to login with a different user and continue the same app session.
The context is here: Running the same APP session on multiple screens - #2 by giladl

Hi Darius,

In general I would recommend two different apps if these are different tasks that need to be performed by different operators. If its the same task and its a case of switching operator then just use the logout trigger either in a button or at the step where the operator needs to be switched.

  • Gilad

The logout will work if they share the same screen, right? I am talking more from the MES design perspective, as I said before, you can have steps that might require two operators and they have to acquire a step.