Real session management while running apps

Right now you are only allowed to execute a single app at a time per workstation.

It would be great to be able to run multiple apps in parallel - each in their independent session. This way it would be possible to e.g. create smaller service apps which address smaller but common tasks which can occur at multiple workstations.


Main app: Core production process

Along the way the operator may launch support apps for e.g. requesting input material, triggering transports, filing an process improvement idea, etc…

The current ability to handover information between apps via user variables is very limiting plus you always have to design your app in such a way that you are able to reload the original state if you want to switch from one app to another and back adding a significant layer of complexity.

There’s no timeline for a specific update for the feature you’re describing, but we expect to continue expanding ways that “support apps” or “helper apps” work with each other and with core functions of another app. Thanks for the detailed write up and we will post updates or related items here as we have them.

What would be your current recommendation to work around said limitation from an app design point of view?