Running multiple apps concurrently

Hi Tulip team,

I’d like to request the ability to run multiple apps side-by-side in the Tulip player - similar to opening different tabs in a web browser and visiting different sites that you can toggle between without closing them. As far as I can tell, this is not possible (except if running one app in the Player and a second in a web browser - but this workaround only supports two apps and creates a device registration nightmare). I understand that this workflow may be unexpected for you, but it has been a heavily requested feature across several of our teams. We need to run apps concurrently because we build often build things concurrently, rather than with a “dedicated station” approach. (E.g. one person with one device may need to reference several of our instructions at the same time due to the nature of the work.) Thanks for considering this request - it would be a greatly appreciated ability to add.

Thanks for sending this, Dylan. Yes, we have gotten that feedback quite a bit- we are planning the concept of a “paused” state for apps to allow for this. Right now, an app is either “running”, “canceled”, or “completed”, so that is why we don’t support this.

Will update this thread when it is available for a beta!