Multiple players running the same APP at the same time, information can't be shared?

When run the same APP with two or more Tulip players,we found that the information entered on one Tulip palyer is not displayed on the other players,which can result in information being re-entered or forgotten in shared work. We do not know if there are some settings that are incorrect.
Hopefully it will be sloved, thank you.

you have to verify that only one App works at a dedicated project. If you really work with several apps at the same project, you have to store and load all entered data , because this is the only way you can change data/information over different apps.
But as long as you don’t control who may store data, there is a risk that data will be overwritten.

If I get it right.

Regards Chris

Hi @xie_zhiyong0101, how are you storing your data? Are you using app completions or tables?

Sounds to me like you might be using app completions ( Save App Data action)

There are a couple of ways around this: you can use analytics to aggregate data from several apps. The better way would probably be to use tables.

Here’s a video that describes the distinction.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi John, thank you for your answer. I also have some questions about this.

My colleague entered information into an APP beforehand (such as enter the name of the sample), when I ran this APP on another device at the same time, I couldn’t see the information he entered. While the information he entered is imported into Table I can see it. Why did this happen?

I would appreciate your help.

Hi @xie_zhiyong0101
each player runs as its own instance with its own set of variables. As long as the data aren’t stored in a table, no other instance have access to this data.
So I think the only way is storing the data in a table and “read” them just in time.

This could be realized with the onchange-custom widget and a table.

Just an quick idea

Regards Chris

@xie_zhiyong0101, I’d like to second what @ChrisF has said.

If you’re using the save all app data action, the data will be stored in a “completion record”. Completion records are read-only entries that are tied to the app version they were generated by. You can see this data under the completions tab in your app overview screen (screenshot below).

If you’d like to be able to see data from completions in an application, you can build and embed analyses that will allow you to do so.

For more context, I’d recommend this page in our Knowledge Base, and this resource in Tulip University, especially the “Completions vs. Tables” Table.

Hi @xie_zhiyong0101,

As @ChrisF said I suggest using tables in this case. I have an app running in multiple pc’s all the variables recorded in tables. I am working fine in this way.

Hope you can solve your problem easily. Regards.