Can tulip support a multiple screen application?

Hello, just curious if tulip supported multiple screen use for the application. I have an application where I would like to display something and then have more of a user centric interface on the other screen. Can tulip support use on two screens for a multifaceted application?

If not, please add this feature. Thanks

Hey Camron! Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion here. One thing I’m curious about, what is making you want to do a multifaceted app across 2 screens rather than one app for each screen?

One I don’t want to use two licenses for the same station, but I would like for some applications to be spanned across two monitors for displaying related information. For instance, a checklist and instructions on one screen and a video of the operation on the other screen, etc. Let me know if that makes sense. Each one of our stations has two monitors setup for using different tools, but if we have tulip take over as the mediator of those tools I would like to increase the amount of tools and capabilities that tulip can display for the user. We have several more use cases for this type of setup as well.

This has to do with a single work station setup, not using one app for multiple areas.

Do you want to navigate on both screens individually / independent?
Or is the second screen just a display for things related to the main screen?

I think there is an interesting request here for being able to define custom app dimensions and building widescreen apps that span across multiple monitors. The Tulip Player can be resized across many windows, but there are currently no aspect ratio options which would work very well for two horizontal monitors.