Multiple Tulip instances

I am new to a company using Tulip. I am running on laptop with Win 10 and haven’t seen much about running multiple Tulip instances which we need to do to help speed up servicing. Any one know if this is possible or how to do it? If not any reason why this program is that limited?

Hey Matt,

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Can you clarify what you mean by multiple Tulip instances?
Are you looking to have 2 completely different sites, for example: &


I am looking to run multiple instances of the player on a single laptop. Similar to running 5 instances of the google browser. Seems very odd that the app can’t do that. Is this some type of local issue with the way we are setup. The only thing I have seen so far is I can run the player and then I can run a browser to get two sessions going. We are servicing 2 units in the field at the same time and I want both up and active in the player. I mean most apps allow multiple instances in this day and age.