Tulip player try run issue

Hi Support Team,

I created 2nd APP in my group, but when try to trail run it on Tulip player, it always run the 1st APP.
May i know how to clean the cache and let Tulip player run the 2nd APP…?


Hi Rujia,
If you are talking on the same app but you can’t see the changes that you made, meaning, when you run the app on the player on the first time, then you made some changes and then run the player again and didn’t see those changes, look at your station configuration if the app is configured to run on most recently running version or on development version, change it to the development version and then you will see each change of app immidiatly on the player.

If you are talking about different apps, see on this same window of stations if both apps are configured to run there, if not, just click edit on the configuration tab and add those apps.

Although I’m not a proffesional of Tulip, and a simple user like you, I hope I helped you.


Hi Amit,

I was trying to debug two different applications, thanks for your guide! It works!

1- click on run a 1st time . This will open your tulip player
2- click again on run to execute the app expected

Also as @Amit said check your station permission if you have right to execute this app and on what kind of version

Yes Rey, it’s station setting issue and I created a new station, then works. :grinning: