Data Security- 2 operators using the same app at the same time, need some kind of block?

Hi all, was looking for some ides, Working in a situation where one person could be working in an app a second person could open it and start filling it out as well on another device. is there a way for when an app is running on one device it would be blocked from being opened on a 2nd device ?

Hi Adam, I asked around about this and while we don’t have an exact way to block an app that’s already in use, you could configure some logic to do this:

"For example, create a table for App Usage Tracking that stores the App ID as a record ID. On app start, load the record from the usage table and check to see if some signal indicates that the app is in use. If not, set the field representing that the app is in use. If so, kick the user out and indicate app is in use. I’d recommend using a user and date field for who is running the app and when they took control of it.

so the logic could be:

When app starts

  • Load table record by app info > app name to usage tracking

When app starts

  • If usage tracking > user is not equal to app info > current user

  • Show message > app is in use by user tracking > user


  • Store user and date to usage tracking"

Just want to point out that with this you run the risk of not cleaning up this reference properly (i.e. leaving the app open, cancelling the app and not clearing placeholder). Whatever you choose, best of luck and happy building!