Disable app, to prevent to be used

we have a few apps that have been discontinued
for example there is and application #1 to perform a process, we used it for a period of time
then we launch application #2 this application will substituted application #1 , but we don’t want delete application #1 but also we don’t want it to be used by mistake , we can remove that application from production stations but you know sometime somehow they run application

it could be like an unpublish process , with comments , maybe approvals ,

Hey @ChirristopherOficial

I wrote up a feature request for this one to support it natively. One thing you can do is add a trigger that runs when an app is started to check and automatically move to a different application. In this case I am just keying off the app name, but you could dynamically do this based on the logged in user, station name, etc.

Like I said, I did write up a req for this, That will get scoped and eventually worked on. My guess is this will probably a lower priority because there are a number of decent ways to resolve this need, but it is something we are tracking now.

Thanks for the idea!

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