To close any open session that was left opened

sometimes we configure stations and for some reason maybe we left our user logged in that station or in a web browser that is not ours web browser.

would be useful to have a section to see all our opened sessions and to be able to close them

Hey @ChirristopherOficial -

A couple recommendations here. The icon next to each station indicates its state, green with a play sign in the middle is a running station.

Additionally, you can force a station to any app/step.

There is work in-flight to make this more discoverable, and easier to manage at scale.

cool I didnt know we can change an station app from this screen , I already create an app with a trigger to logoff the user once it starts. thi is very helpful, but the player must be running and this doesnt solve the situation if I left my user opened in a web browser

Hey @ChirristopherOficial -

Lets try again! Check these settings in account settings-

These will automatically log out inactive users. Does this do what you are looking for?

not really , that will apply for all users, and we have some stations that are just running like a kiosk, so those stations are inactive by a long time , and also sometimes we restart computers to solve some computers issues and when we re open the player is in the step we left we love that , I mean something like facebook, on facebook you can see where you are logged and close all your opened sessions or those that you don’t recognize

Additional to what mentioned here, there are cases when a user catch a record in a table that have to be deleted for any reason, if I could, as the “dba” of Tulip throw this user away because he ended his shift and went home, make him logout by force, it would be great


I do created a tulip app and added to it a step enter trigger with an action log off user , and additional action to go to another app after it , then I add this new app to a his station (which is running a it has a table record loaded that’s why you can’t delete it ) then from this same windows (stations ) I edit the running app for the new app and the step for the step with the logoff trigger , I that’s how we get a remote logoff user function but it only works with running stations