Identify operators without requiring them to sign in

Hi. I am looking for a way to let multiple operators enter the data into Tulip using the same tablet. I need to identify who the operator is but I don’t want them to sign in with their account every time. How can I make a dropdown menu, where each operator assigned to this station can choose their name from the list without the need for signing in?

Do I need to use tables functionality and assign it with variables?
Can the app user list function the same way as the tables?

hello @Andres, and welcome to the Tulip Community!!

you can certainly embed a Users Table and tie it to a Record Placeholder. at that point, you can tie the completion back to the selection of the User without having to sign an operator in:

and regarding your second question, you can certainly use the Users Table in the same way as the regular Table. for example, this Trigger sends an SMS when a specific User is selected from the Users Table:

does this answer your questions?? let us know if we misunderstood something!!

and again, welcome to the Tulip Community

Hi Andres,
as far as i know you can not store easily a table list to a dropdown, until a loop is implemented.
But if you know the table id of the records you like to store in a dropdown, you can step the table index through all records and push the record onto an array.
This array is assigned as the dropdown variable.
Using this in a step open trigger, you get an array with all selectable employee (in the example: MA) for using in the app.

Hope this helps
Regards Chris