Multiple users for same table record

Hi, I want to allocate a task to multiple users within a Tulip app. Currently I can select a single user, save this user in a variable and by creating a task, this user is saved in the corresponding table within a new record. How can I allocate several users to the same table record?
I tried to use linked records, however I don’t know how a app user can save other users as linked records.
What is the best way to do this? Thanks

@dominik, thanks for the question, this is an interesting one!

Here’s my first thought: does each task have to be a single record? I can see how you would do this using table queries and aggregations if you have the task broken up such that it’s 1 user per row. Let me know if this is acceptable, or it has to be all users in a single table record.

Thanks John for your reply.
Unfortunately it has to be a single row (record) in a table. The end users want to mange quite many tasks with this app and it would get too confusing if they have several rows for the same task. Therefore in the front end is has to be one row.
Do you have any other idea how to get them all into a single table record?

Hi @dominik, what do you mean by “allocate” ?
if you just want to record names of multiple users who did a certain task here is my solution

  1. Create a TEXT column for the user name in your table
  2. In your app have a TEXT array for the users.
  3. Use the “Push onto array” to add multiple users to that user array.
  4. when saving to table use the “Join to string” array function to convert the array into a single line of text.
  5. If you want to retrieve the data from the table and show in an array use the “Split string” trigger function.


  1. you can display arrays using interactive table widget. select “variable” for the data source.
  2. There is a special user table. Go to settings → users → “custom field” tab. And also see here
  3. Array basics here
  4. Array university course here

good luck!

Hi @Rakitha, sorry for the delay in replying and thank you for your answer. I tried your approach and it works fine when using text for the different user names. However what I am looking for is to have the option to select multiple users from a user table and to allocate them to a single table record. In this table different tasks are stored and multiple users have to work at the same task. My intention is to select users directly (instead of typing in there names as strings) as email notifications are send out to the allocated users as soon as a new task is open. I tried your approach with users but it didn’t work unfortunately.