Check a date in a table

I have a problem and search a function or expression to check if a specific date is expired.
Example: if you want to check if a date in a specific table record is more than 12 days ago then the boolean is yes. But is there an expression or type where I can check this? Maybe:
if + 7days is earlier then current date then …
Does anyone has any idea?

hello @katha, that’s a great question.

you’re on the right track, the only thing you need to add multiply a Number by 86,400 (to convert from Seconds to Days). for example: @App Info.Current Date and Time - (@Variable.Days to Subtract * 86400).

you can then use this in a Trigger to compare the Date you just created to the Table Record Field:

this is what the result would look like:

does this help you in building your App?? let us know!!

Thanks @gio

This helped me solve a similar problem of generating an “expiration date” by adding to the current date:

@app info.Current date and time + (30 * 86400)

[30 days beyond the current date]

awesome, happy to hear it @Dave!!

out of curiosity what are you building?? it would be great if you could share it on: Show and tell - Tulip Community!!