[Tip of the Week] Comparing Dates

hello all,

in this week’s Tip of the Week, I’d like to share how you can easily compare two dates in your Tulip Apps.

dates are very important to build powerful Apps. for example, if you’d like to check on the date of a work order, know how soon a shipment is due to leave the warehouse, or verify if someone needs to re-learn a skill after some time not using a specific machine, there are many situations in which it’s important to compare two dates and react accordingly.

using Datetime variables Tulip, this is really easy to do. in the below example, the App takes 2 Inputs from a User and compares them on a Button click. of course, this simple demonstration can be applied to countless examples that you’ll build into your Apps!!

here’s the Expression to compare 2 dates (note that the two Variables, Date 1 and Date 2 are of type Datetime):

once the Button is clicked, this is what’s displayed on the App:

of course, you can add any Actions in your Triggers.

are people already using Dates in your Apps?? if so, it would be great to see how you’re using them!!