Check table id and shown messgae

Please help me in creating this logic check the id in tulip table show the message that id is repeated

whenever there is repeated ID user clicks the submit it shows error saying that id has entered in the table.

Hey @Ganesha -

Duplicate IDs cannot be added to the same table. The ID column is a special column that identifies a single record. If ID’s could be duplicated, there would be no way to identify the record you want to load/edit.

The way people often get around this is by using random strings for the ID, and storing the duplicated data in any other table field.


I have noticed that if the ID is the same it’s gonna overwrite the existing data which doesn’t give any notice to team members that the ID is being repeated. I would like to add that option with logic. Whenever a team member enters an id that is the same as the existing one in the table, it can show a message. Can you please help me out in building this logic?


Here is how I would check this-


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hi Pete,

that has worked. awesome thank you.