[Closed Beta Announcement] New Tulip Analytics Visualizations

Hey all,

the Tulip Analytics team is working on some exciting improvements. The first step will be an updated visualization of data. See the gif below for a sneak peek on the work in progress.


You don’t want to wait until the public release for getting access to this and at the same time help us with the final “bug hunt” before the release? Then read on! :slight_smile:

We will be starting closed beta testing for the new visualizations within the next few weeks and are looking for customers who are interested in taking part in this.

Here are the key infos:
What will be tested?
The next generation of Tulip analytics visualizations. This will make all charts more readable (and prettier) and enable more advanced features in future updates. At the same time, we’re keeping enough similarity to what charts currently look like to limit visual impact on existing content.

How will it be tested?
The new visualizations will be activated on the close beta participants’ instances. This will change all analyses to use them - showing the same data as before. This means that participants will be able to review the new visualizations with their existing analyses and new ones they build.

Can the beta participation be cancelled?
The change can be deactivated at any time to switch back to the current visualizations. There are no irreversible changes introduced by the activation. This means participants can at any time decide to not participate in the beta anymore.

How can feedback be provided?
We will schedule two 30min feedback sessions with each participant during the beta to actively collect feedback. Further, feedback can be provided asynchronously at any time to Tulip.

How can one participate?
Simply comment on this thread or send an email to me (stefan[at]tulip.co) if you are interested. We will then reach out to you to align on next steps.

We’re looking forward to chatting with you about this!

Tulip Product Management

PS: If you have general feedback about Tulip Analytics, I’m very interested in having a conversation about it. In that case, please send me a short email to stefan[at]tulip.co and I’ll reach out to set up a meeting.