Color Coding Single Number Analyses with.... EMOJIS

I was playing around the other day and I realized that you can paste emojis into tulip expressions. You can copy them from a website like this one and paste it directly into a string expression. At first, I found this entertaining.


Then I realized how powerful this could be! Previously, there was not a way to determine a color value based on analyses results. Now, this kind of thing becomes possible in situations where you aren’t able to use aggregations:

This gives a ton of flexibility inside of apps. Here I overlayed another analysis with a transparent background on top of this one to create a more visual uptime display.



Hi @dan.pomeranz,

looks like a great usage of emojis.

By the way:
Windows users can hit [Win]+[.] and get an Emoji selector :wink:
This also includes some other useful symbols-tabs with symbols like these and many more: ⅞ ≥ α ∞ ⇆ ‱

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Is this considered a stable “feature” or just a somewhat luck coincidence which might catch you some time in the future?

Emoji’s are generally supported. I’ve used them in a similar way for years with only one issue… some operating systems or charactersets render differently. So, if you use the app on an Android operating system or something of this nature, that particular emoji might show up differently.

I’m pretty sure it can be resolved by downloading a new character set or keyboard on that OS. Either way, I’m pretty sure emojis are here to stay :tada:

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