Filter the table by colour

Hi everybody!

I’ve built and app that is able to create header (main) records with 25 sub-records associated to each one of them.

I’ve got several main records like the one above, and I’ve been playing with filters to allow the user to look for records with specific Date Created or Status, but I also wanted to filter by CheckingStatus column (filter by colour), but there is no such an option in Tulip:

It would be nice to have an option to filter by colour, and this colour would be a variable (for example from a single select widget). Technically, I can make an another hidden column with text variables like ‘green’ or ‘red’ and work this problem around, but I think that this filter option would just be sensible and easy to use.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Hi @Barto_olini ,
Additional to what you described here, I’ve openned today another topic of next step of this filter, when you will try to add a widget to your app of single select and values of those colors, the user will see on the Tulip player only RGB values and not the color themself.
So, your issue is built by 2 parts, one the ability to filter by color on table query and second one, on the GUI of user.

Thank you,
Amit Berku

@Barto_olini Welcome to the Tulip Community :tada: and thank you for the suggestion! I can see how it would be helpful to filter directly by color without having to make a text field for that color and filter that way. We have created a ticket for this and will see what we can do :slight_smile:

@Amit Thanks for the additional information here. I saw on your other post some additional methods to have a better user interface for selecting colors, hopefully those are helpful for you!

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Hi Beth,
So, when will I be able to show a drop down list on screen for the user, so he can filter embed table by a color field ?
This drop down widget will show colors by the value and not the rgb value (most users won’t understand that this value represent a color)
Is this fix on your time table and have a release date ?

Thank you,

Hi Amit,

Unfortunately there is no timeline for this work yet, the team is always balancing many priorities and improvements, so it makes it hard to promise a specific date - but do know that we have your request in our system :slight_smile:

In the meantime, hopefully the suggestions on your other post Single select of colors shows RGB values will prove helpful?

Happy Holidays!


Hi Beth,
In the post it was written that I can add by a static value of emojis, how can I do that ?
I see that I can define list of static text values or add aggregation of a table but only for text values or add a variable of array that contains only text values.
So, how can I add a value that is not text so the user will see those colors on the Tulip Player screen ?

Marry christmas and happy new year,

The emojis idea is, to use text instead of colors and put only one emoji per value in this field.
This is an option for status visualization where a limited color pallet is fine.

If you then need a color in the app, you need to match it to an emoji (you could make a mapping table with color, emoji, status name and if needed a sorting-value)