Single select of colors shows RGB values

I have a table that one of the fields is by color type, I have to add above the table a dropdown widget (Single select) to make filter on the table by color value.
So, I added a single select widget, created a color variable, added values of colors.

When running on the player, the user can see a dropdown widget but the values are not the colors themself but the RGB values of the colors :

So, my question is very obvious, how can I let the user to see colors instead of RGB values ?
And, will I be able to filter table using a query by this color value ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

Hey @Amit, you can switch the input to a Single Select text option like below, then add a trigger on the input widget that uses IF/ELSE logic to set the color variable based on the text input. If you really want the colors to be visible, you can use emojis, but options are limited.


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As a Workaround you could pick from an Interactive Table: