Comparing Table Entries

I have a very simple data set from an external source, the table fields i have are; ID (Text: 1,2,3 etc), Machine ID (Text: Machine 1, Machine 2, etc), Sensor ID (Text: 1, 2, 3, etc) and Timestamp (datetime: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:ss). The ID is a sequential number generated as signal impulse is received, the Machine ID is the location it was received from, the Sensor ID is the specific sensor on the Machine that sent the signal impulse. (10 Machines IDs, each with Sensors 1-4). And the Datetime is the instance that Impulse was received.

What I need to be able to do is extrapolate some basic information from these impulses based on where and when it was received. Such as, the difference in time between the first and second impulse received from Machine 1, Sensor 1, gives me a cycle time of the machine.

1//1//1//2022-11-09 11:43:30 <----- First
2//2//4//2022-11-09 11:44:25 <–/-- Ignore
3//1//1//2022-11-09 11:45:00 <----- Second

I can see the difference between the two logged data points for machine 1, sensor 1, is 1:30. But how do i run this comparison on a Tulip Table???

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

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Very interesting question and looking forward to hear what the experts come up with :slight_smile:

I have 2 suggestions. But its not an automated method to run through all your data and output an array.
Method A:
Have 2 interactive tables (with 2 different record placeholders) for the operator to pick the 2 datapoint to compare.
Then a button trigger for data manipulation where you can compare the 2 record place holders.

Method B:
Have one interactive table
Use the table trigger to save value selected by the operator to an array
Have a button trigger to compare index [0] and index [1] of the array
Clear the array once the comparison is done.

If you really wanted to, you could check if 2 data points were selected by the operator and do the comparison straight away.

This article has some great info on time variables.
Working with Time App - Guide (

Thank you Rakitha,

Thank you for the welcome,

Unfortunately this has to be automated process as will be running in the background for a KPI dashboard, and entire series needs to be compared consecutively to achieve outputs such as Avg. Cycle time, Total working time, etc.

However, I will most definitely remember these solutions as they will be helpful in the future!

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