Condition levels

Hi Team,

How can we build an IF Clause with different conditional levels ?


If CondA AND (CondB OR CondC)
then do X
else do Y

The only way I can think of is to make two IF Clauses:

If CondA and CondB
then do X
else do Y

Else If CondA and CondC
then do X
else do Y

Is there a better way to do it and make it look like the first example ?


Hey @safe,

You hit on the only way to achieve this right now. There is a lot of work going in right now to refactor much of the trigger UI to enable more complex conditional logic, and a lot more. This is a gigantic project, but features are actively being released as they are competed. You may have seen updated UI on the step tree in r229, that was one of the first changes coming out of this project, but many far more meaningful changes will be coming in the next 3 months.

Are there other limitations or painpoints you have found with triggers? We have a long laundry list of things we will be addressing, but I want to make sure your issues will be addressed!


Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

At this moment, I only have access to r228 and LTS 7.1 environments. I’ll only be able to see those changes you mentioned in a few weeks. I am eager to see the updates you’re bringing to the table.

Currently, the addressed point is no hurdle; however the update will certainly make things more efficient and particularly triggers more optimized.

Thanks for the reply and I’ll make sure to let you know if I encounter any other limitations.

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Do you have any of this logic built now that’s causing measurable load time or refresh lag?

Hey @RussWaddell, loading time is pretty normal. I just thought about that while building the triggers only because it drove me to duplicate a considerable number of actions