Connector for Labview?


I was wondering if there’s any way (now or future) that Tulip can connect to Labview?

labview from National Instruments

Is that related to the machine monitoring function in Tulip?

Thank you!

hello @dorothy, that’s a great question. thanks for posting!!

after some initial research, it seems that there are several LabVIEW extensions that allow for connections via HTTP connectors which you could connect to Tulip using our Connectors (regular HTTP Connectors, not Machine Monitoring). for example, this package allows to “connect LabVIEW applications to RESTful web services”: HTTP REST Client Download - NI. here’s another one: JKI HTTP REST API Client for LabVIEW.

this being said, could you share more on what data from LabVIEW you’d like to get into Tulip??

finally, I do want to point out that if you’d like to submit a request for the Library team at Tulip to develop an App for this, you can add a post here: Library Open Discussion.

hope this helps!!

Hi Gio,

Do you have more information on the HTTP protocol? I currently have a VI and need to push the results from Labview to Tulip.

Thank you

@juan.vazquez2 I am not sure if you have found what you need yet, but you can follow the guidance in our Knowledge Base on creating HTTP connectors in Tulip ( How to Create and Configure an HTTP Connector Function). LabView now offers an API and Tulip should be able to easily connect with that! LabVIEW HTTP Client - NI Community