Connector Text List Output is Limiting me to 9 records

Hey Tulip / Gio / Eddy,

I’m having an issue for one of my connectors that I wanted to see if you had a solution.

It’s a very simple connector which just outputs a Text List Array from a table of Managers sorted A-Z. There are 69 Managers listed on this table and the record ID’s are just the Manager’s Name. (See below)

The Connector is very simple where I am outputting a text list data type in sorted order of the record ID’s (list of all the managers). The issue is that it is only outputting the first 9 Managers, then stopping. I’m just not sure why it’s stopping at output number 9. Any idea why this is happening? I will also add this as a ticket in Community.

thanks for posting @Esinger5!! I’ll add @freedman’s response here for others who may be running into the same issue:

the default limit for the Tulip Table API connectors is 10. If you set it to 100 (the current maximum) you should be all set

thanks again for posting on Community!!

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