Table Aggregations on whole Table / Querie limit 1000

Hi together,

I’d like to make aggregations on a complete table. Unfortunately they are only possible on queries and queries are still limited to 1000 positions.
This makes min, max, average, sum … useless, when the table could have more than 1000 entries.

Please allow aggregations on a complete table.

I also find queries limited to 1000 questionable.

A while ago I was asked, why I prefer our database with SQL-Connerctor over Tulip Tables.
This is one major reason!



Hey @thorsten.langner -

Great suggestion! This is one that we are constantly discussing internally. This arbitrary limit is in place to try to safeguard users from themselves. Queries and Aggregations can take many seconds (if looking at a table with 10s of millions of rows) and we wanted to remove the need for users to understand the intricacy of data science work to be able to sort or filter their tables in a user-facing application and ensure the performance of the query they make is consistent regardless of its size.

This is something we occasionally run into as well, and is something we are looking to unblock, but its something we need to do with caution so users unfamiliar with what is going on in the background have visibility into the expected performance of their applications.


Hey @Pete_Hartnett,

thanks for your answer.
On the one hand, I completely agree with your fears, on the other hand, I really have concerns about receiving incorrect data without any warning.

At the moment it is very likely to get some return values, without knowing if it refers to all entries or if there are more than 1000. Then the data is not only useless, but potentially dangerous.

Totally makes sense. This feedback is incredibly valuable. I will log it and make sure it is tracked as we continue internal discussions on how to approach this limitation.


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