Copying Base Layout from one App to Another

Hi, is there some easy way to copy the ‘Base Layout’ from one App to another???

Also, is there any way to link Base layout of one App to another?? Or even have some sort of ‘global’ or reusable base layout??



Hey @wkurth4008,

Right now there is only one decent approach to this problem that I have seen rolled out at scale. This is to make a template application (includes any triggers you want in all apps, brand formatting, navigation buttons, etc) and they duplicate that app as a starting point for all apps you want to share its architecture for. There are a few drawbacks to this approach -

  1. Changes to the master app aren’t automatically pushed to all the apps based on this template.
  2. The version control of the parent app isnt shared with the child apps.

Exactly what you’re talking about, a shared template across an organization is something we are working on right now and will resolve all of these painpoints, the goal is to make it as easy to start with ESS Inc template, as a blank app.

This work is being rolled out as it is completed as part of a couple very large projects. I can’t give a specific date or release number to expect this functionality, but a vast majority of those projects should be completed around q3.

Let me know if you need any more details about duplicating template apps as it currently stands now.