Linked Master Templates

As a designer, I want any Master Template to be linked to any app using it so that if the Master Template is updated, all apps using it can be updated.
As a designer, I want the app dashboard to show there are pending unpublished changes so that I can plan to publish an app version as applicable (maybe the change is just an update to the Master Template).
As a Tulip Administrator, I want to update multiple apps in one change request so that if I update the Master Template, I can update all apps impacted (linked apps to the Master Template) in a bulk transaction.

Hey Jose, thanks for joining the community.

Question for you on this “Master Template” idea- would it be an entire step? Multiple steps? A series of buttons? A single button? What level of abstraction makes sense to you?

Hi Kevin

I guess it may be a combination of those. Ideally everything that is in the Master Layout, but if that can be extended, like using a full app as template, that is even better I guess. That may allow to include more than 1 step.




Got it. Our internal project around this is called “Component Builder”, and we are currently thinking about this as something as small as a single button, all the way up to a full step.

There is a separate project around making it easier to share data between apps, which should make it possible to define a few different apps that are a few steps apiece and have them work together.

Will keep you updated when we start development on these!

Awesome! Thanks. That is really encouraging, and it can help for multi-site, multi-factory implementations.

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