Create a shared step to simplify updating of steps


We have a number of “common steps” that are used across multiple apps, such as installing a bolt to a torque setting.

A quick question, is there any way to create a step so that when you make a change to the step (e.g specify a different torque setting) it changes in all apps that share that step. This would really simplify changes which seem to happen a lot in manufacturing…



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hello @Nolsie, one thing that many users aren’t aware of is that Steps can be copied/pasted between several Apps (the following menu shows up when right clicking a Step):

this being said, the Steps are not linked as you’re mentioning. so if a change occurs to one Step, it will not be reflected in other Steps. if I’m understanding correctly, your request is ver similar to this one: Linked Master Templates, is that correct?? if so, feel free to leave a comment in there linking back to this post!!

Thanks for that link @gio

I guess my request is similar, although I want to be able to have a step or step group that whenever a component of that step is changed (such as an image change, text change etc) it will change wherever that step is used.

I am still on the free trial of Tulip and this is one of the features that could make or break the decision to implement it in our factory because of the number of shared steps and the time involved updating instructions.

Maybe I should post this in the product suggestions section?

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hello @Nolsie, yes posting in the Product Suggestions category is a great idea.

I will also mention that the Library App for Dynamic Work Instructions: Dynamic Work Instruction | Indsutrial Operations App Library | Tulip is definitely worth looking into as it simplifies the process of building dynamic work instructions. let us know your thoughts on that!!

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You could put the info (pictures, torque values/angles, text for work instructions) into a table and tie that table to the apps/steps. That way the info is in one central location but you’re able to use it in multiple apps.