Application Templates Tied to other Applications

Hey so we are creating a ton of work instructions and have a work instruction template that we build each application off of. What is a pain, is when we adjust the template and then we have to manually update each associated work instruction. what would be nice is if you could tie a base template or create a app template that when another application is created from it it ties it back to the template and allows it to auto-update when there is a change to the template.

There may be other solutions to this but mass adding functionality to work instructions is really painful at this point. Especially at a medical company.

Hey @Shrmnatr, thanks for sharing. This is a pain we’re acutely aware of. What you’re describing is what some folks would call “componentization,” which allows you to group chunks of UI design, widgets, or logic. As you describe, being able to make edits at the component level is ideal, because those changes could then propagate through every location where the component is used. I know our teams are thinking about this actively, but it’s a feature we want to make sure we take our time to get right given it’s potential to impact app development in positive and negative ways.

In the interim, I know our product team would be happy to talk to you about how you’re currently managing work instructions, and how central components could help.

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Yeah that would be great, happy to discuss.