Countdown timer without custom widget

Hi there, has anyone here been able to implement a simple countdown timer without using a custom widget?

Using the regular timer widget I cannot get that widget to reset to zero if a step is repeated. Instead it will always count the sum of the time spent on a step within an app session.


  • Automated step which triggers some connector calls
  • Arriving at countdown step : 60s
  • If operator chooses to repeat, return to previous step and run again
  • This time the countdown should start again from zero

Note: This is all part of a single application execution! It is not something that would make sense to model as an independent run because all previous app state would be lost.

AFAIK the only way to come close to this is if Tulip lowers the minimum interval for timer triggers. The default timer limit is every 30 seconds, but some of my clients have the ability to run timer triggers every one second, allowing you to effectively create this using variables.

I have not seen any guidance on if Tulip will enable this for others or if at any point this limit will be reinforced. As such I do not like to use timers below 30 seconds.

Thank you, Daniel. Could also be an option. For now I have fallen back on the custom widget route again until I find something more native.