How can a countdown timer be created and set within the app?

Hi all,

I need to create a countdown timer using a variable that can be set in the input. and can press the start and stop buttons as needed.

I’ve tried step timer, but it can’t be set in the input and can’t be stopped.

Is it possible to create without using node-red?


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Hey @arsan.sri welcome to community!

You are totally right, you hit on a few of the biggest painpoints of the step timer, as the name implies, it basically only works with steps, so it is not super flexible. I will create a feature request to make the step timer way more flexible. The key limitations I see right now are:

  • Can only be tied to time in step and time in app, not some other user defined value.
  • Cant be stopped or reset without leaving the step.
  • Triggers can’t be fired when the timer completes.

Are there others I am missing?


Thanks for the reply.

That helps a lot, so now I might have to find another way.