Create table record via API that includes a record link

I have two tables that are joined via a Linked Record field (Table A → Table B in a 1:1 relationship). Through REST, I would like to create a new record in Table A that include the reference to an existing record in Table B. I’ve tried something like this {“EfuYKrneFcwKzcuqG_link_left_column”: “001”} in the body of the REST call which are the field ID and the record ID respectively. But I get an internal server error. What is the correct way to create the relationship via the REST API?

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the only thing you need to add to the request are square brackets around the ID of the linked field. even if it’s a 1:1 relationship in the linked field, the API endpoint is expecting an array. something like this should work:

"ID": {{Record ID}},
"EfuYKrneFcwKzcuqG_link_left_column": ["001"]

here’s an example:

let me know if this helps and if you have further questions!! thanks for posting.

Outstanding. Thanks for the quick response. I actually stumbled upon this just before seeing the email and was going to go update the post. Much appreciated!


great to hear @Lance!!

it would be interesting to see how you’re using the Table API, feel free to post in Show and tell - Tulip Community if you’d like!!