Linking 2 tables


I am trying to establish a link between 2 tables wherein one record from table 1 should be split in to multiple records in table 2 with same ID. Say for example, we have record ID as 1 and columns A, B, C, D, E in table 1 and column C has 3 values separated by a comma, I want these 3 records be split and populated as 3 individual records in table 2. ID column in table 2 is unique however. So, I will create a column named Req. ID as below. Basically there should be a relation between ID column from table 1 and Req. ID in table 2.

Table 1:
1 John, Mary, Chris

Table 2:

ID Req. ID A
1 1 John
2 1 Mary
3 1 Chris

Kindly help me how to achieve this.


hey @jeevan_raj, welcome to the Tulip Community, it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let’s meet! !

just to confirm, have you taken a look at using Linked Records in Tables??
Linking Table Records | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Operations Apps. based on what I’m understanding, this may help simplify what you’re trying to do.

but if you do indeed need 2 separate Tables, you could use Split String which will create an Array that you can use for the creation of the additional Table Records:

let us know if you have further questions on these suggestions!!