Linking Records with Tables

I am hoping that someone can assist me in figuring out why I’m not able to link the two records in this table.

hello @hwagner, we can certainly take a look at what’s happening here. I just have a couple of followup questions for you:

  • are you getting an error message when you click the LINK RECORDS button that you created??
  • are Table Records selected in both Tables when you clicking the button??


Hi Gio,

No errors and yes, both records are selected.


OK, thanks for sharing this @hwagner. and just to confirm, are you able to create the link between the records from the Tables page??

Yes sir!


Hey is there any update on this? We would like to be able to link these records!


Hey @hwagner , I added a new app to your instance to test the linking functionality, here’s the link.

Can you check that app out in your Player, and confirm it’s what you’re trying to do?


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This gives me an error when I try to test it saying that there is an error processing untitled trigger.


Hey Heather,

Are you testing in the Developer Mode, or in the Player?

Developer mode!


Could you try doing it in the Player and confirm if it works?

Yes. This is working correctly!