CSV File Uploader Date/Time Format Issues

I’m trying to populate my DEV instance table with data from my PROD instance table. The CSV export can’t be imported because the date format isn’t recognized.

Is there a best practice I’m missing?

Here’s some data from the CSV:
Jul/17/2023 08:39:37 -04:00
Jun/26/2023 09:14:24 -04:00
Sep/27/2023 12:09:20 -04:00

And here is the similar from the Tulip Table, but different format:

After deconstructing and reconstructing in excel to get the formatting right, I’m still getting this error:

Does the uploader not accept datetime and only date?

Hey James -

It does accept datetime but it must be in exact ISO datetime format yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss. SSSXXX (ex. 2000-10-31T01:30:00.000-05:00)

The CSV is very picky and does not do any typecasting / interference on its own sadly.

Hope this helps!

Perhaps as a product suggestion, could the CSV export function render datetimes in that same format?

Or does it already in some release past my LTS 8.2?

James - great suggestion and something that has been on the team’s radar actually.

good and bad news - on an upcoming release the CSV importer will support a lot more datetime formats and make this much easier (and make it so the datetime exported from CSV can be recognized by the CSV import) - but I know you are on LTS 8.2 so this won’t help you (yet!)

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@jmlowden Quick update here: With the latest release, we have shipped an update to supported Datetime formats that are supported. This significantly increases the number of formats that will be accepted by the import.

You can find the supported formats in the “Datetime Formatting” section of the knowledge base article about CSV import.

As @Beth said, this will unfortunately not help you just yet due to LTS. But I wanted to still keep you updated to you are aware of what will be coming your way at some point.

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