Debugging on Devices

Hi everyone, I’ve been having some problems from time to time over the last few days with an application I’m currently developing.
Since it is running on a tablet (Android) I have to check what is wrong on the device.
In case someone also has these problems, I can recommend the following steps for android devices.

Developer Mode

In the system settings of the device, search for software information and the build number.
Click on the build number 7x to unlock the developer mode. On each tablet or phone it can be looks different.

Then another menu Developer settings appears in the settings. The item USB debugging must be activated there.

Device Permission

Then connect the tablet to the computer and confirm data access and permission for debugging.


Chrome Inspection

Now you can open the Chrome browser to call up the following url: chrome://inspect/#devices


On the inspect link the browser will open a new Windows that is connected to the device.


In this Tab it is also possible to see what happend in the background and find the problems in the logs or network tab.