Default setting : include in analytics or not

Hello Tulip team,

I’m managing analytics generated through app completion.
However by default app canceled are included in my analytics and I need to remove them. I would like to be able to set it by default (app canceled not to be included in analytics).

I know a workaround to add a boolean when my app is completed but that’s not very intuitive.


Hi Patxi!

Cancelled app completions should not be included in analytics by default. It sounds like you are seeing something different? If so, can you expand on what you are seeing?


Hi Pete, I record my screen below :

OK, I see - thanks for sharing. I was looking at an analytic that used ‘count of completions’, which does filter out cancellations as expected. Your suggestion makes sense, I’ll report it back to the team!

Hi @pete, I have a related but opposite request. I would like to have the option to perform analytics on app cancellations:

It appears that executions where the “Canceled” column is “Yes” are always excluded from analytics. I would like the option to include cancelled executions.

Sometimes operators will get stuck on an app or the app will not function correctly for various reasons. Rather than calling a supervisor they will just restart the app from the player menu and we loose visibility of all the information collected on that execution. We could just export the completions data to Excel and analyze it from there, but this would be cumbersome and remove the real-time data aspect.

Thanks, Al

Hi @Alinator, thanks for the request. What you describe would certainly be valuable and we will consider it. I’m also interested in learning more about your workflow between Excel and Tulip; if you have the time I would love to discuss it further.

Feel free to book a time.