Default to "Always Use Most Recently Published Version"

When a new device is added, it seems to always default to using the “Development version” of apps, and you need to manually change it to use the “Most recently published” version. This seems counterintuitive to me, and has caused us difficulties on several occasions. Almost all of the new devices that we deploy are for use by our operators, meaning that they need to use the published version to run correctly - if someone forgets to manually switch this option when setting up a new device, they inevitably hit major problems running the apps, and it takes us a while to realize that this is the root issue. In my experience if the default for new devices was just to use the most recently published version, many hours of troubleshooting would be saved. The assumption should be that the people who specifically want to use the development version will know enough about the system to switch this option for themselves as-needed, rather than vice-versa.


hello @Dylan, thanks for posting. we really appreciate your input!!

have you already spoken with somebody at Tulip about migrating to apps @ edge?? this feature will fix exactly the issue you’re describing, as all new Stations will by default run the Most Recently Published Version of the app.

if you would like to discuss this further (as converting to apps @ edge does mean some changes to apps, that can be done through a setup wizard), feel free to send me a direct message and I can walk through the process with you.

thanks again for posting!!

Hi Gio,

Thanks for your reply. This is the first I’ve heard about migrating to apps @ edge. To help me decide whether this would make sense for us, can you tell me a little more about what migrating to edge means, how much effort it takes and whether there are any associated costs? We have a pretty critical system of 175 apps running to support our daily operations, so I need to be careful about approaching any “system-level” changes.


Hey Dylan,

I’m on the Solutions team here at Tulip, and I’d be happy to share some more info on Apps@Edge.
Migrating to Apps at edge requires two main components:

  1. You will need to have one or fewer Display Devices assigned to each station on your shop floor.
    (Multiple Gateways are OK. I recommend splitting any stations with more than one display into their own stations.)

  2. “Headless” Apps will not function with Apps@Edge. If you’re not sure, these are applications that run while you have no Tulip players actively open. The new model ensures the applications are active in order to run.

Once those two things are addressed, we can go ahead and turn this on. There is no associated downtime or new software that would need to be deployed for this to happen.

If you have any further questions about this model, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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