Design First API applied to HTTP functions

It often happens that the backend APIs or the backend configuration (ERP, WMS, …) are not yet ready and that the Application Builders are blocked to start their new applications. With the Design First API principle, we generally use mock-up API based on the OpenAPI3.0 specifications and fake response. Postman is a great tool too create mock-up API with fake response with example features. The problem is that if we use a connector and functions plugged into a mock-up API, we have to rebuild a good part of the application when the real API is available.

A suggested feature would be the possibility to create examples in the functions (a bit like in Postman) and that we can (for example in developer mode) not call the BAck-End API but simulate a response via predefined inputs and outputs (examples).

Another suggestion would be to be able to create connectors and functions based on the OpenAPI3.0 specifications, again a bit like Postman

I know it’s not necessarily something simple, but the principle of Design First API allows to reduce the time to value and to improve the feedback to the backend API developers

Hey @youri.regnaud -

Per usual, another great request. I wrote up a request for this one. Some work is scoped to allow an interface layer to remove all the pain associated with rebuilding an app because their datasource changes. This work is probably not something that will ship this year but is undoubtedly an identified gap we plan on filling.

That doesn’t necessarily address the ability to simulate connector data, but that is a great idea.


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the root cause issue is clearly rebuillding app when connector change