Disable error messages on a per-app or per-station basis

It would be nice to be able to disable error messages on a per-app or per-station basis. Here’s my scenario:

We currently have a dashboard app that runs on the production floor and displays information to operators, such as which work orders are scheduled or upcoming, which work orders are in what step in production, and information about whether current production time goals are being met.

Sometimes, when multiple things are firing at once, this app will throw error messages related to those background tasks that are happening. This app uses multiple custom widgets, so it may be related to logic from those trying to fire at the same time. I’m working on sorting that out.

The errors that are popping up don’t affect functionality, but they do fill the screen with error messages at times, so it would be nice to suppress errors jus on that app or station.

That said, I want users to be able to report error messages that pop up in most of the apps they use so that they can screenshot them and include them with a bug report, so disabling error messages from an account level is not doable.