Ability to send messages to stations

This might be a bit of a silly feature, but it would be nice if while viewing station activity, you were able to send a message to the station. I work remotely and don’t have direct contact with operators on the floor during production. If the production manager is in a meeting or otherwise unavailable, it would be nice to be able to send messages to the operator when I see them having an issue in an app.

A good example: An operator had selected the wrong label printer in our production app. They kept trying to reprint a label over and over, not realizing they’d selected the wrong printer. If I was able to send a ‘support’ message to the station, I could have told them to change to the correct printer.

Just a thought.

Hey @richard.vaughn

This is a fantastic idea! I’ve implemented similar functionality in the past with tables, but this could be a feature by default. I wrote up a request for this one!