Respond to messages from Tulip station

It would be nice to send messages to Tulip stations in order to communicate with the operator at that station. My specific use case at this time, is that the operator presses a button if they need help at the work station, and I receive a text on my phone with the station and step name. So does my coworker. I would like to be able to send a message back that indicates to the operator help is on the way, and to also communicate with my coworker which of us will be going to help.

Hey @zeiglera -

Check out this demo I made a while back building for a very similar use case:


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I wish there were overlay steps which would allow you to show something without necessarily influencing the actual step you are on. This would also be a great way to implement something like the OP requested.

The demo unfortunately requires an operator to switch to a dedicated step to handle the message.

In case the step where the operator needs to return to contains “on step enter” triggers things become really difficult to handle as they get re-triggered. The only way to deal with that unintended side-effect is to put every “on step enter” trigger into a conditional check…