Operator Communication Capability

I believe it would be a great benefit to the Tulip platform if you were able to add the ability for companies to display daily communications to the operators inside of applications. I have seen multiple situations where it would be great if i could pop up a message on an application to make operators aware of a change I am pushing out or urgent communications that need to be spread through our manufacturing floor. I think this would also benefit multiple departments within companies that need to get these daily communications out to the employees. I have been having to publish new versions of the application to get these urgent messages out and then restoring the old version to remove. If anyone has a good way of doing this already please share.



I think one way to make this work would be using tables. You can have a step display the content of a table. Tables can be edited any time without updating the actual app.
(If you wanna go fancy you can even implement some logic, e.g. making sure that an operator only gets a message once.)

Definitely agree Christian! See here for some ideas: Group & Direct Messaging Component.

Thanks for the feedback on this. It seems that the capability already exists within the software. I just need to jump in and get creative.

You could also embed a web page and update that.